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What Kind Of Alcohol Is In A Bear Fight?
By Stacie Adams
Alcoholic beverages often have very colorful names — especially cocktails. The Bear Fight offers a pretty accurate view of what one can expect when facing this beast of an alcoholic beverage.
The recipe includes stout, Irish whiskey, Jägermeister, Irish cream, and Red Bull for a scary experience. You must first chug a half pint of stout mixed with a shot of Irish whiskey and Irish cream, then a second-pint glass is filled with 6 ounces of Red Bull, into which the Jägermeister shot is dropped and subsequently drunk.
The recipe is based on two existing and beloved drinks, the Irish Shot, the first leg of the Bear Fight, and the Jäger Bomb, the second leg. Both drinks are considered Boilermakers, wherein a traditional shot is dropped into another beverage, typically a beer.