Kroger grocery store exterior and logo. The Kroger Company is an American supermarket chain.
What It Means When You See A 'Woohoo!' Sticker At Kroger
By Kimberley Laws
You may have seen little yellow stickers that read "Woohoo!" on Kroger items, but depending on which store you visit, these curious stickers may be red, or don't say "Woohoo!" at all. However, all of these stickers have the same purpose, and will likely make you emit the same exclamation that is printed on them.
Food52 reports that “WooHoo!” stickers indicate that an item is being offered at quite a reduced price. These tags can be found items that are approaching their best-before dates, products that have been discontinued, and produce or other items that are nearing the end of their season and must be cleared out.
Per The Krazy Coupon Lady, the best places to find stickered items are by your Kroger's stockroom entrance, on end-cap shelves, and in shopping carts sitting in the middle of aisles. Money Saving Mom recommends checking the produce section, bakery aisle, meat section, and dairy fridge to cover your bases.
If time permits, you should also explore the aisles of the store, paying attention to the aforementioned sales-filled carts and end-caps, and also keep your eyes peeled for a "Manager's Special" sign, which indicates a bevy of great deals. These stickered items will have you saying "Woohoo!" the next time you shop.