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What It Means To Order A Mustard Grilled Patty On
Secret Menu
By Mikala Lugen
Having had its doors open for over 70 years, In-N-Out has had plenty of time when it comes to food experimentation and creativity. This includes their "official" secret menu, which allows them to experiment with food creations and provides crowd pleasers like the mustard grilled patty.
A mustard grilled patty is just that — a burger grilled with mustard on it, as In-N-Out kitchen employees will add mustard to each side of the patty before grilling it. You'll just want to make sure you enjoy the taste of mustard before requesting this "secret" menu item, considering it will have a lot of hot mustard.
According to Reddit, though, it doesn't have an overwhelming mustard taste, with one Redditor stating, "It does add a distinct flavor but more often than not, you don't taste direct mustard." There are several dozen different secret menu items at In-N-Out, but not all locations may offer these, so you'll be taking your chances.