"Chives from the garden, for a little zing in the kitchen. Similar herb photos:"
What It Means To 'Back-Slice' Chives
By Haldan Kirsch
There are a lot of things to learn for anyone first stepping into a kitchen, but one of the most important skills is proper knife skills, which can prevent any potential injuries. Chives are an herb related to onions and other alliums like green onions and scallions, but they can be tricky to slice.
The best way to chop chives is to use a method known as "the back slice." To do this, place the tip of the knife at a low angle with the chives between you and the blade, then, without lifting or applying pressure, simply drag the knife tip towards you and thinly slice the end of the chives.
Williams Sonoma may recommend using kitchen shears, but this will create excessive downward pressure and may crush the stalks, meaning they will release excess moisture as they're being chopped to create a soggy, wilted-looking garnish. Instead, the back slice produces extra thin slices of chives, leaving you with dry, crisp rings.