Freshly baked English muffins on a white wooden table
What Is The Difference Between English Muffins And Crumpets?
By Nick Johnson
Bread has become an essential staple for most breakfasts, being the perfect item for sopping up a runny yolk or to eat alongside coffee or tea. While types of breakfast bread come in a plethora of variations, English muffins and crumpets have a similar appearance, but there are many differences.
Although both doughs are created using comparable ingredients, the baking soda and milk typically found in crumpets aren’t always added to English muffins. Crumpets are made from a loose batter while English muffins are made from a firm dough, which creates distinct textures after baking — English muffins end up more like bread, while crumpets have a more chewy texture.
Arguably the most significant difference is the baking process, where the crumpet is only cooked on one side, leaving half of it soft and spongy and resembling an uncooked pancake with exposed craters. When served, crumpets are eaten whole with butter and jam spread on top, while English muffins are sliced in half before added to savory dishes like eggs Benedict.