Pork floss in a white ceramic bowl on a table with a black background
What Is Pork Floss And How Should It Be Served?
By Heidi Chaya
TikTok has been captivated by rousong — also known as pork floss — as users claim it's tasty and so light that it "melts in your mouth." Although meat used as seasoning may sound absurd, perhaps it's this special textural quality, along with its salty and savory flavor, that helps it merge so effortlessly into any dish it accompanies.
Pork floss is a popular Chinese dry condiment that's shockingly fine, soft, and might be described as stringy fibers. It's airy and light with a rich umami taste and can be texturally compared to cotton or cotton candy, and it's appearance even resembles tobacco with a dry and crumbly feel that is great for topping meat, grain, and vegetable dishes.
You can also enjoy pork floss by adding it to sandwiches, porridge, wonton soup, or sauces, and in Asia, it's commonly added to baked goods and dessert dishes. This versatile ingredient comes in different forms and flavors and can be found packaged in jars or boxes online, in large supermarkets, or in Asian grocery stores — you can even make it at home, too.