Passion fruit against a yellow background
What Is Passion Fruit And How Do You Eat One?
By Christina Garcia
Passion fruit is a beautiful tropical food that is native to North, Central, and South America, and can be found in the American states of Florida, California, and Hawaii.
The fruit has a high dose of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber and is also helpful in potentially increasing insulin sensitivity for patients with diabetes.
The majority of the 500 varieties of passion flowers bear fruit, but only a few are actually grown for culinary use (these can be either yellowish or a deep purple color).
The fruit wrinkles when it becomes ripe, and if its small, round, and egg-like shape seems heavy for its size, that’s a good sign.
When you cut it in half, you'll find jelly-like golden orange pulp surrounding small, piquant black seeds, which you can eat whole by scooping them or eating them from the pith.
Its delicious, brightly floral aroma is great for smoothies and juice, and if you want to venture further with this fruit, you can try seared mahi-mahi with passion fruit sauce.