Fresh baked organic bread on dark background
What Is French Miche Bread?
By Nico Danilovich
Sourdough bread is widely loved due to its chewy, pungent, tangy flavor. Nowadays, this rustic type of bread is making a comeback, and France is not one to be left out of any breaded conversation.
Miche bread is a classic French sourdough that combines the sourdough starter of salt and flour by using whole grain, stone-ground wheat flour. This combination results in dark brown, hearty bread with a tight crumb.
Also known as country bread or millstone bread, the crunchy-crusted miche is often used in sandwiches and tartines. It's also great for dipping into soups, holding jams, and even joining granolas or sauces as crumbs.
The specifics of miche production can change with each particular recipe, and extra ingredients such as walnuts are occasionally added in. Modern recipes sometimes also include rye or white flour, as well as larger amounts of water, thus resulting in an airier, moister, and softer bread.