San Francisco, USA - May 10, 2016: San Francisco In-N-Out burger sign with parked bicycles and a few people on the sidewalk. A stairways leads to the restaurant.
What Is A Wish Burger And Why Is It On In-N-Out's Secret Menu?
By Maddie Brown
In-N-Out’s secret menu sells variations on classic menu items, and it even contains a healthy and vegetarian option that is sure to satisfy your taste buds called the wish burger.
The wish burger is composed of a toasted bun loaded with lettuce and tomatoes and can be topped with additional ingredients like onions, pickles, cheese, and spread.
If you want to try the wish burger but don’t live near In-N-Out, you can recreate it by toasting a bun, adding lettuce and tomatoes, and adding tasty toppings of your choosing.
YouTuber Keith Habersberger of The Try Guys tried the wish burger back in 2021 and gave it the stamp of approval, saying, "I don't miss the burger at all."
Presumably, the wish burger is on In-N-Out’s secret menu because they're catering to the food preferences of different customers without promoting it front and center.