What Happened To Wired Waffles After Shark Tank?
By Stacie Adams
Many entrepreneurs have successfully launched their products with the help of “Shark Tank.” Of course, plenty of people who have been turned down by the Sharks have still been able to launch their products, including Roger Sullivan and his Wired Waffles.
Sullivan, a coffee shop owner and entrepreneur, introduced the Sharks to Wired Waffles, which were waffles imbued with enough caffeine to equal two cups of coffee, and requested $75,000 in exchange for a 25% share. However, the Sharks passed, citing concerns about the taste and adverse effects on children who might eat them.
Sullivan was able to secure another investor to launch Wired Waffles, as well as his caffeinated maple syrup, but concerns about caffeinated foods likely hurt consumer interest in his products, and the company shut down in 2015. Sullivan also launched another product in 2012 called Eve's Moonshine, which remained in business until 2018.