Dairy Queen ice cream sign, Rt 50, Dodge City, Kansas; ca. 1979. (Photo by: HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
What Exactly Is The Retro Jack & Jill Sundae At Dairy Queen (And How Can You Order It)?
By Kelly Douglas
The Jack & Jill sundae was a Dairy Queen hallmark in the 1960s, but it faded into obscurity after the Blizzard skyrocketed in popularity. While it no longer graces the Dairy Queen menu, you can still order it off the “secret menu,” and it's just as delicious today.
The Jack & Jill sundae is vanilla soft-serve ice cream with hot fudge flowing down one side and marshmallows pooling down the other. A recent TikTok video by a Dairy Queen employee of 10 years shows exactly how to make it — just ask for a vanilla ice cream sundae with half fudge and half marshmallow on top.
Fans of the Jack & Jill sundae will also enjoy the s'mores Blizzard and the marshmallow crème sundae from the Dairy Queen secret menu. The s'mores Blizzard is vanilla soft-serve ice cream, marshmallow, chilled hot fudge, and graham crackers blended in signature Blizzard style, while the marshmallow crème sundae is essentially the Jack & Jill without hot fudge.