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What Exactly Is The Infamous 'Forbidden Glizzy' Menu Hack
At Costco?
By David Tran
Costco isn't new to being a place where people invent food hacks and mashups, such as TikTok user @twistytowertowercrane’s hot dog-stuffed pizza. Another Costco hack involving their famous hot dogs has the internet ablaze and shouldn't cost you more than $6.
A "forbidden glizzy" is a hot dog stuffed inside Costco’s chicken bake, which is filled with grilled chicken chunks, Caesar dressing, green onions, and cheese. After purchasing both items, bite both ends of the chicken bake to create holes for the hot dog, then simply slide the hot dog into the chicken bake.
More than a few Costco customers admitted to being perplexed by the forbidden glizzy, with one Reddit user referring to it as "one of the four horsemen of the imminent demise of civilized societies." However, others seem to enjoy it, with Reddit user Rasmo420 even suggesting to "wrap a slice of cheese pizza around that bad Larry.”