Truro, Canada - October 24, 2019: A&W restaurant sign. A&W Restaurants Inc. is a major chain of fast food restaurants founded in California in 1923.
What Ever Happened
To A&W Restaurants?
By Elizabeth Pak
A&W is known for being the oldest chain restaurant franchise in the United States, established in 1919. They’ve been incredibly innovative and boast an impressive menu, but the burger joint hasn’t had as much presence as other fast food restaurants in recent years.
The iconic burger chain was struggling to stay afloat under the ownership of YUM! Brands, so a group of determined franchise owners bought the company in December 2011 to rebuild the restaurant. Since then, its locations have seen an increase in sales, and the company has opened 70 new restaurants, with more on the way.
Today, the restaurant has moved away from the co-branding strategy and is building single-branded restaurants where franchise owners are 100% in charge of their locations. Even though you may not see A&W around every street corner, there are still more than 500 locations in the United States.