Washington DC, USA-December 8, 2014:  This Domino's Pizza carry out and delivery was spotted in a Northwest Cleveland Park neighborhood in Washington DC at night.  This chain was founded on 6/10/1960 and is the largest Pizza chain in the world though Pizza Hut has more stores in the USA.  Domino's specializes in Pizza, other types of Italian food, wings, and desserts.
What Domino's Was First Called
By Nico Danilovich
Domino’s is built on the idea that customers would rather pick up food or have it brought to them than dine in, and it had more than 19,000 locations in 2021. The chain began in the 1960s, but it originally went by another name.
In 1960, brothers Tom and Jim Monaghan bought a pre-existing pizzeria, but Jim didn't stick around for very long. He sold his shares to Tom, who came up with the name "Domino's" in 1965 and stayed in charge of the pizza chain until his retirement in 1998.
When Tom and Jim bought the pizzeria in 1960, it was named "DomiNick's” after the founder, Dominick DeVarti. DeVarti also owned Casa Dominick's, a restaurant in Ann Arbor that's still open today, but it's only tangentially related to Domino's.