What Does The Phrase 'Mr. Potato Head' Mean In Bartending?
By Stacie Adams
Even for enthusiastic drinkers, the world of bartending can seem very intriguing and mysterious. When it comes to cocktails, forward-thinking bartenders use a specially named system that recalls Mr. Potato Head and its swappable body parts.
The originator of the Mr. Potato Head bartending concept is unknown, but Phil Ward is a well-known proponent of the theory. According to Ward, an established recipe can be used as a “template” for other drinks when you swap ingredients, much like swapping Mr. Potato Head’s parts.
When making your own cocktails, use Mr. Potato Head as a model — consider the potato body/head as the base, which translates to the "base" liquor, and the ears a mixer or add-on, such as bitters. As for the mouth, think about the additional ingredients, like simple syrup, while the nose is comparable to a garnish.