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What Does It Mean To Order A Hot Dog 'Wet' At Wienerschnitzel?
By Chase Shustack
At Wienerschnitzel, customers have a wide selection of hot dogs to choose from, ranging from chili dogs and cheese dogs. There are even more unconventional combinations like "wet hot dogs,” which may lead one to wonder how to order a hot dog "wet," and most importantly, what comes on it.
According to Thrillist, a "wet hot dog" is a chili dog stuffed with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. While not "on the menu," per se, you can still order it by asking for a chili dog with those select toppings.
It's pretty much a hamburger inside of a chili dog, save for the beef patty. While this "wet dog" may be a secret menu item, it bears a notable similarity to the restaurant's "Backyard Veggie Dog," which lacks chili, but the ingredient list is quite similar to what you could order on a "wet dog."