studio shot of double tuna sushi roll
What Does It Mean To Double Roll Sushi?
By Haldan Kirsch
Making sushi at home might be popular due to its simple ingredients — fish, rice, vegetables, and seaweed — but the assembly of a sushi roll can be a challenge. Per Food & Wine, Nobu's creator and sushi chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa recommends a technique known as "double rolling" to get the perfect roll every time.
Matsuhisa says once you have your nori sheet laid out and the rice is spread across it evenly, roll up half the nori sheet, then unroll it and repeat the process on the opposite side before rolling it all together. This technique will help spread out all the different elements in your sushi roll while giving it a nice round shape.
Of course, there's more to a good roll than just this technique — it's important not to overfill your rolls, and Matsuhisa recommends sticking to only five scoops of rice per roll. You should also wet your hands to ensure that rice doesn't stick to them and leave an edge on the nori so it can seal properly.