Storefront of a Costco Wholesale.
What Company Is Behind Costco's Adored Kirkland Super Premium Ice Cream?
By Stacie Adams
People can't get enough of Costco's Kirkland Signature products, and the private label brand's ice cream offering is no exception.
Humboldt Creamery is the big brand name behind the delicious frozen dessert, which explains why it is so beloved by members of the warehouse retail chain.
In a 2017 Facebook post, Humboldt Creamery announced its exclusive partnering with Costco locations all over the United States.
The post revealed that its Conventional Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream is free of artificial preservatives and contains all-natural ingredients, such as genuine vanilla.
Costco's pairing with Humboldt Creamery shows it is often possible to access the quality of brand-name products at the prices of private-label goods.