A Moscow mule drink in a copper cup on a white background.
What Bartenders Want You To Remember When Ordering A Mule
By Julia Mullaney
We often think that most cocktails are straightforward, since some become such standard practice that we assume there’s only one way to make them. One such cocktail is the mule, and though most think of Moscow Mules as the only type, bartenders want you to remember that you have more options than that.
When ordering a mule, you aren’t just limited to the Moscow version — the combination of ginger beer and lime is what makes a mule unique, and therefore the liquor doesn’t need to be vodka. You can also order a mule with gin (aptly named the gin mule) that combines gin, lime, and ginger beer.
The other signature element of a mule is the copper mug, which keeps the cold from the ice in the cup and doesn't bring in warmth from the air, keeping the drink colder for longer. It also heightens the drink's flavor in a way that glass wouldn't, as the copper oxidizes the vodka and brings out a flavor profile that a standard cocktail glass could not.