A closeup of baked potato skins on parchment paper.
What Are The Ideal Type Of Potatoes For Making Potato Skins?
By Betsy Parks
Baked potato skins are the perfect vehicle for shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, and bacon. Few can resist a skin or two at a party or potluck.
When picking the type of potato to make this delicious snack, go with russet potatoes because they have the heft to stand up to scooping, stuffing, and a second baking.
Russet potatoes are easy to scrape out without too much fuss, and they hold their shape after they're baked. They're also super common and inexpensive.
It's easy to make baked potato skins at home with almost any kind of potato, but when compared to Yukon Gold or regular white potatoes, there's no competition.
Russets have the thickest skins and get super crispy when you bake them, creating a satisfying crunch without losing any toppings to sogginess.
Russet potatoes are typically about the size of the palm of a hand, making them easy to hold and scoop with a spoon.