Frieds eggs in cast iron skillet on a cutting board on gray background
What Are Parmesan Eggs And How Do You Make Them?
By Kalea Martin
Since eggs and cheese are high in sulfur, they have complementary flavors and go hand-in-hand with making breakfast. However, certain types of cheese go better with certain egg dishes, and many TikTokers seem convinced that parmesan added to fried eggs makes the perfect combination.
As she demonstrated in her viral TikTok, @cooklikeamother starts by melting butter in a pan over medium heat before adding a layer of grated parmesan cheese. When the cheese begins to bubble, she then cracks the eggs and lets them fry up for three minutes before turning off the heat and covering the pan to allow the residual heat to cook them the rest of the way through.
The resulting eggs are perfectly seasoned with no added salt, thanks to the cheese, whose oily properties cause the water and fat to separate from the protein and give flavor to the eggs. The longer you heat parmesan, the harder it will get, which translates to a crispier cheesy fried egg dish.