A Cracker Barrel restaurant sign.
What Actually Happened To Cracker Barrel's Fried Chicken Liver?
By Stacie Adams
Cracker Barrel once featured fried chicken livers on its menu, but it's not clear when they first appeared or were officially removed from the menu.
The removal could be because the dish is divisive, as chicken livers are described as having a slightly bitter, mineral flavor that's not for the faint of heart. 
The dish may not have been popular, and there are also health risks with eating liver, as it can raise the concentration of nutrients in a person's body to dangerous levels. 
There's no indication that Cracker Barrel plans to bring back chicken livers. In 2020, the restaurant introduced its new "simplified menu," focusing on classic dishes.
More niche menu items like chicken liver no longer have a home at the southern-style chain. However, some claim it's possible to enjoy the dish at Cracker Barrel if you ask nicely.