LANHAM, MD OCTOBER 20: The new Wegmans  supermarket opening at the new Woodmore Towne Center on October 20, 2010 in Lanham, Md. (Photo by Mark Gail/The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Wegmans Has A Special Counter For The Food Prep Haters Of The World
By Angel Albring
Wegmans has an entire counter for lazy or busy people who still want to eat healthy food. The Wegmans veggie counter prepares all sorts of vegetables in various manners, like pureed, sliced, chopped, diced, and even spiraled into zoodles, which allows you to simply take them home and cook — no preparation needed.
Customers can purchase the vegetables by weight at the counter or find prepackaged options, such as salad mixes, already ready to go. In addition to fresh vegetables and fruits, the Wegmans veggie counter also offers a variety of prepared vegetables, such as roasted vegetables, stir-fry blends, and vegetable platters.
If you want to save even more time, you can order a wide variety of produce online, including cooked items and sliced and diced vegetable and fruit options. Shopping online will also help you determine what produce is seasonally available and how much it will cost before you make a trip to the store.