The produce section at a grocery store
We Finally Know Why Grocery Stores Mist Produce
By Kelly Douglas
When you walk through a grocery store’s produce aisle and see the misters gently spraying the vegetables with water at regular intervals, you've just entered a trap.The mist actually has an important function in the grocery store — one that could compel you to spend more money than you need to.
It turns out that grocery store misters do nothing to the fruit and vegetables except make the produce appear more appetizing. They do not make the food fresher, but if the produce looks fresh, customers will spend money on it even if they don't need it, thanks to some misty trickery.
Don't tempt yourself by looking at misted produce since there’s no difference between the bagged lettuce on the produce shelves and the "fresh" lettuce under the mist. Also remember that frozen vegetables last longer and retain more nutrients than those damp, misted ones that are sitting out.