Chunky golden chips with fried egg
Water-Basted Eggs Are The Big Batch Solution You Need
By Heidi Chaya
For each different way that eggs can be cooked, there’s an equal amount of different ways to mess them up. Fortunately, both the internet and professional cooking scene are a big help, and those who want to make a bunch of eggs at once should consider using this “hack” that comes from your kitchen faucet.
By adding water to the pan, a basted egg employs steam to gently and evenly cook the egg, which eliminates the need for flipping, prevents overcooking, and requires less cooking fat for a healthier meal. It also makes it easy to control the temperature and cook eggs to their ideal level of doneness.
To baste eggs, heat a pan on low with just enough oil to cover the bottom before cracking the egg and turning the heat to medium, cooking until the whites are not transparent. Then carefully add a tablespoon of hot water, and increase the heat to high or cover it, cooking for two more minutes until the yolk has turned fully white — this method may not be suitable if you want a runny egg.