Chocolate brownies garnished with mint on black surface.
Want To Make Brownies Even Fudgier? Try Dropping Them.
By Kelly Douglas
Ina Garten is one of many who uses a pretty old-fashioned technique to get her brownies fudgy, but it's about time we bring it back. This method doesn't require any extra ingredients or take more than a few seconds, but it elevates a regular pan of brownies by bringing out all that chocolatey flavor.
To make your brownies extra fudgy, try rapping them by lifting the pan about two inches and dropping it against the oven rack to change the texture of your treat. Ina Garten recommends rapping your brownies after about 20 minutes of baking, then pop them back in the oven and let them finish baking.
Brownies have lots of little air pockets, but when you drop a pan of brownies midway through cooking, you force air out of the remaining batter, resulting in dense and more filling brownies. As fudge is extremely dense, rapped brownies will taste more like fudge than brownies that haven't been dropped, while non-rapped brownies will likely have a fluffier consistency.