A row of Walmart shopping carts.
Walmart Is Ignoring Inflation This Year For Its Easter Meal Kit
By Crystal Antonace
Walmart remains committed to battling inflation in the current climate (via RetailDive), and in February, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC that his goal was to keep the brand's private label products affordable. Based on a recent email from Walmart to Daily Meal, this year, they guarantee customers a full Easter meal and Easter gift basket for under $100.
Walmart is committed to a stress-free holiday experience as it strives to offset the high cost of eggs by offering everyday low prices of meal essentials ranging from meats to vegetables to dessert options like cherry pie. The retailer will also provide consumers with several affordable toys and Easter-inspired gifts that match last year's prices.
To take advantage of these considerable cost savings, visit the Easter shop on Walmart.com and peruse the multiple offerings available until April 15th, 2023. Walmart is one superstore committed to offering its customers more ways to relax around the inflationary pressures surrounding food and gift shopping in 2023.