The exterior of a Waffle House.
Waffle House's System For Getting Your Order Correct Relies On Condiment Packets
By Ashlyn Frassinelli
Waffle House has a secret code that helps staff remember each order. Their "marking system" involves placing condiments, utensils, and food items in certain positions on the plate.
Each placement corresponds to a specific menu item, and the Waffle House training video detailing the marking system is more than 20 minutes long.
TikTok user @Hotsoupandcracker, a self-identified Waffle House cook, posted a video detailing the code. For example, a jelly packet at the bottom of the plate means scrambled eggs.
Add a mayonnaise packet face-down to request lightly scrambled or face-up for scrambled well. Place a butter packet next to the jelly packet to indicate a biscuit.
A ketchup packet below the jelly packet means the customer only wants one egg. An upside-down jelly packet means wheat toast and an apple butter packet means raisin toast.
However, not everyone was impressed. One TikTok commenter wrote, "Bro, why not food tickets written in a common language, like maybe English."
Other Waffle House cooks defended the system, noting that it allows cooks to operate efficiently in case of power outages. The restaurant hasn't confirmed these claims.