"Davenport, USA - March 8, 2013: Waffle House Roadside Restaurant with Sign located in Davenport, Florida. Some people can be seen eating through the restaurant's windows."
Waffle House Used To Be Called Something Totally Different
By Nico Danilovich
Waffle House started in the American South, but it has since spread north into the Midwest. The restaurant has become iconic for its food and being open 24/7, so it’s surprising that it has ever been called by a different name.
When the chain reached the state of Indiana, there was already a restaurant called “Waffle House,” so the franchise went by the name “Waffle & Steak” until the other restaurant closed in 2013. The name “Waffle & Steak” came from the founders' strategy of advertising the best-selling food upfront.
The Indiana restaurant became a part of the history of the Waffle House chain, as did the temporary name used for years. As of 2022, Waffle House has more than 2,000 locations, and 24 of those are in Indiana, where they are now known by their iconic name.