BIRMINGHAM, AL - JULY 05:  Waffle House Restaurant signage in Birmingham, Alabama on July 5, 2018.  (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)
Waffle House Claims To Be The World's Leading Provider Of One Type Of Steak
By Brian Boone
Waffle House serves up more than just waffles, offering breakfast favorites like eggs and bacon and lunchtime fare such as cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches. Surprisingly, it also claims to be the world's top seller of another versatile food: the T-bone steak.
Part of the appeal of the Waffle House T-bone steak is its price, and their steak-based breakfast comes at a cost that probably can't be beaten; in 2022, a T-bone at a Waffle House in North Carolina cost $8.80, excluding tax and tip. One reason for this is that T-bone steak is second-rate meat, but this lower price is why the chain sells so many of them.
It may seem far-fetched that Waffle House is the world's biggest mover of the T-bone steak, but it's more than reasonable for the company to assert its dominance of the T-bone steak sector. As of 2019, Waffle House claims to have grilled and served almost 135 million T-bone steaks since it opened for business with a single Atlanta location in 1955 (via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution).
Four steaks a minute works out to 5,760 steaks sold daily across its 1,970-plus locations in the United States, resulting in each Waffle House serving approximately three steaks every day. That makes for a healthy and robust steak trade for Waffle House.