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'Vodka Butter' Is TikTok's Favorite Creamy Appetizer Pairing, But Why?
By Kalea Martin
Originally shared to TikTok by creator Carolina Gelen, vodka butter is simply vodka mixed with butter. In her now-viral video, Gelen demonstrates how she takes two sticks of butter, tosses them in a food processor, and blends them with a generous splash of vodka, insisting this is the perfect appetizer.
According to J. Kenji Lopez Alt, the reason alcohol pairs well with savory dishes is that the alcohol molecule is similar to the sugar molecule, meaning it acts as a flavor and aroma enhancer. Butter flavored with vodka has a natural kick and an improved taste, so if you already like penne alla vodka or are willing to cook with red wine butter, there's a good chance you'll enjoy vodka butter too.
To make this boozy dish, Gelen spreads vodka butter on toast, then tops it with anchovies, lemon zest, and black pepper. According to the TikToker's blog post, you can also make the appetizer vegetarian by substituting the anchovies for grilled mushrooms or artichokes or even making it sweet with jam.