Exterior of a Trader Joe's store
Use Trader Joe's Pickle Seasoning To Turn Grilled Cheese Into A Masterpiece
By Jennifer Waldera
While Trader Joe’s suggests using its Seasoning in a Pickle Seasoning Blend on veggies, potatoes, and eggs, you can also use it to make a dilly version of a grilled cheese.
TJ’s seasoning combines sea salt, dill, sugar, garlic, onion, and vinegar powder, which you can mix with butter or mayonnaise and spread onto the outside of your bread slices.
If you want a richer grilled cheese with even more pickle flavor, you can also spread your seasoned butter or mayo on the inside of the sandwich.
Once assembled, put the sandwich in a preheated pan and cook on medium heat or lower so that the bread crisps while the cheese melts, then remove once both sides are browned.