pan fried asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Use The Set-And-Forget Trick To Get Rid Of Asparagus Grit
By Sarah Richter
No matter where you get your asparagus from, the vegetable will most likely be dirty and will require cleaning before it’s ready for cooking.
While cleaning every nook and cranny may seem daunting, a simple method to remove all the unpleasant grit from asparagus before cooking requires just a bowl of water.
Submerge the asparagus stalks into a bowl of cold water and let them sit for a few minutes to loosen the dirt from the vegetable. Then, rinse the stems under running water.
This easy cold water trick works for more than just asparagus — you can also use it for herbs that tend to grab dirt, like cilantro and parsley.
You can also use it for leeks. Strip the leaves off the herb stems or chop the leeks to separate the layers, and let them sit in the water so the dirt can fall off.