Stock photo showing an elevated view of sunny side up fried egg in a non-stick frying pan.
Upgrade Your Simple Pasta Dinner With A Fried Egg
By Betsy Parks
If you're not up for inventing a new signature pasta dish, you can still make a gourmet meal with just a box of spaghetti or linguini, garlic, olive oil, and a fried egg.
To make the fried egg, use a large skillet that will be able to hold the volume of the pasta you want to use. Factor one egg and one clove of garlic
for every portion of your pasta.
Heat the clove of garlic over medium heat in oil or butter
for a minute or two, then cook
your egg, leaving the yolk runny
to break and coat the pasta
when you mix in the pasta.
Once the egg is fried and the pasta is ready, add the pasta
to the egg pan and toss them together over medium heat until everything is incorporated well.
If you want you can add breadcrumbs, fresh herbs, lemon, or capers, but with just the basic ingredients, you can still have a delicious dinner
on the table in 15 minutes.