Candy: Gummy Bears Isolated on White Background
Turn Canned Cranberry Sauce Into Deliciously Tasty Gummies
By Camryn Teder
For a fun gummy bear hack, transform canned cranberry sauce into tangy gummies, utilizing its intense flavors to craft a flavorful and small package of delight.
Start by choosing a mold — you can use shallow silicone molds or a plain square pan if you want to cut the gummies by hand.
Set the stove to medium heat, and in a saucepan, add the cranberry sauce, some lemon juice, and a sweetener to the mix, such as honey or plain sugar.
To help form the gummy texture, add a little gelatin at a time to avoid clumps. Add a splash of water on top to help things gel together, then whisk it together until smooth.
Remove the mixture from heat and pour it into the mold of your choice. Refrigerate until you get the desired texture, which typically takes just a few hours.
This cranberry gummy bear recipe stands out due to its simplicity, relying on pure cranberry sauce for flavor instead of artificial additives, making it a tastier and healthier option.