Julia Child poses in her Santa Barbara kitchen.
Try These Julia Child-Inspired Tips For A Better Sandwich
By Elaina Friedman
As much as Julia Child loved bringing labor-intensive recipes into the kitchens of budding home cooks, she also had a penchant for simple culinary pleasures. Unsurprisingly, Child's approach to sandwiches combined her love of rich flavors with her realistic understanding of a hungry person's lunch-prep timeline, and a collection of Child-inspired sandwich spreads cataloged by PBS are equally simple.
You might consider spreading the magical fruit, hummus (made from chickpeas), on your sandwich. Fry some extra chickpeas in butter and oil until they're crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside, then hit them with salt and add them to your hummus for a hearty, protein-packed sammie base. 
If you're faced with the leftovers of last night's cheese party, PBS says to make like Child and find the softest to spread on your sandwich, such as brie, chevre, or Camembert, which would all go well with sliced meat, fresh greens, and something sweet. The outlet also suggests taleggio and "mild, buttery" Californian teleme for those who prefer a more modest vibe.
Let it come to room temperature for optimal spreading ease, and also consider the remnants of your charcuterie board, as a pâté of chicken liver or foie gras makes for a supremely flavorful bread-based experience. Channeling Child, PBS suggests you "spread it on crusty French baguette slices or crisp crackers, keep the red wine flowing, and [...] leave room for dinner!"