Fish sauce(Photo By STORMI GREENER/Star Tribune via Getty Images)
Trust Us, Add Some Fish Sauce To Your Next Dessert
By Elaina Friedman
Anyone who uses the word “umami” on a regular basis is familiar with the huge flavor payoff that fish sauce affords to practically any savory dish, including spare ribs and chili. But if you're only now discovering the joys of fish sauce, you would be forgiven for pigeonholing it in the savory camp and not boldly using it on your desserts.
The Los Angeles Times says the salted caramels at Little Flower Candy Co. hold “the kind of currency salt itself once had,” at least for Pasadena locals. In addition to the standard trifecta of salt, vanilla, and chocolate, the sticky candies come in a fourth, unexpected flavor made with fish salt from the popular Vietnamese-style brand Red Boat.
When it comes to ice cream, chef Jenny Dorsey understands the value of combining the salty with the sweet, and her recipe for fish sauce caramel ice cream leans on this same principle. Dorsey however notes that some fish sauce brands are saltier and fishier than others, so it's important to choose wisely. Her fish sauce of choice is Son, which she describes as “smooth, but also really deep and robust.”