Cold cuts sandwich with British Cumberland sauce smeared on the plate
Traditional British Cumberland Sauce Will Completely Enhance Cold Meat
By Kalea Martin
Many condiments popular in the U.K. are hard to find in the U.S., including the red currant-flavored Cumberland sauce that also goes by the name Oxford sauce.
Cumberland sauce’s taste and texture can be compared to cranberry sauce. It’s slightly sweet with a bit of a kick from sharp mustard (dry powder or Dijon) and ground ginger.
This beloved British condiment’s punchy flavors work well with cold meats as they counter their richness.
Historically, it was used to mask the taste of certain strongly flavored meats, but now, the pairing is meant to enhance its flavors.
Cumberland sauce is still paired with meat like venison and lamb, but its use also extends to cold cuts, most notably the ones you'd find on a charcuterie board.
On charcuterie boards, cold meats are often served alongside jams or marmalades that include many of the same ingredients that Cumberland sauce has.
Its fruitiness balances the meat's saltiness, while the tartness cuts the fattiness, making it the perfect condiment for cold cuts, cured meats, pâtés, terrines, and potted meats.