Trader Joes storefront sign
Trader Joe's Price Tags Have What No Other Grocery Store Does
By Chris Day
At a time when it feels like everything is standardized and unoriginal, there's an extraordinary way Trader Joe's stands out from the competition. No, it's not the many strange products you'll find in their aisles; it’s a unique business practice Trader Joe's employs that you may not have even noticed.
The next time you visit Trader Joe's, take a closer look at the price tag on the shelf near the product, because Trader Joe's stores hire in-house artists in each location to hand-draw their price tags and signs. They are customized for every geographic location, with local flair, such as one artist who made a mural in their store featuring the dogs of the store's neighborhood.
Trader Joe's sign artists earn around $20 per hour in some markets, which is 20% above the national average, keeping talented illustrators from becoming the proverbial starving artists (via Indeed). Taking the time to appreciate the talent that went into making these price tags will give you one more reason to love Trader Joe's.