The outside of a Trader Joe's store
Trader Joe's Debuts First Ready-To-Eat Poke Bowl With
A Vegan Twist
By Arianna Endicott
Poke bowls typically contain raw fish, seaweed, and a variety of other toppings, covered in soy sauce. While fish is the usual protein found in these bowls, Trader Joe's is appealing to vegan fans with ready-to-eat vegan poke bowls that swap out the fish for a plant-based item.
In place of fish, sesame soy sauce marinated beets are served alongside standard poke bowl ingredients such as green onions, jalapeños, cucumbers, seaweed, sesame seeds, and a sriracha chile sauce. Although the switch is unconventional, some Trader Joe's fans are intrigued by it.
The beets were "extremely similar to ahi tuna poke, but the texture was a bit more firm," according to Instagram user @traderjoeslist, who also noted that it wasn't overly salty, making it simple to add a little extra soy sauce. User @tshamps tried the bowl and wrote "Love it! So good."