Trader Joe's grocery store sign in Portland.
Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Is The Key To Kicking Brownies Up A Notch
By Megan Anderson
To make your next batch of homemade or boxed brownies extra tasty, try adding Trader Joe's cookie butter.
Trader Joe's cookie butter is inspired by speculoos cookies, which originated in Belgium and were made to mimic Dutch speculaas with spices similar to gingerbread cookies.
The cookie base goes well with various other flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. You can also add the butter to drinks or spread it on bread, fruit, or crackers.
In brownies, the slightly caramelized and spice notes of the cookie butter add a depth of flavor to otherwise plain chocolate treats.
Simply mix Trader Joe's cookie butter into your brownie batter before baking to achieve this extra-rich flavor, or you could use it to add some swirl to your brownies.