A stack of tofu
Tofu Skin: It Tastes A Lot Better Than It Sounds
By David Tran
Tofu skin is technically a byproduct of the tofu itself. During the tofu-making process, heated soy milk produces a thin layer of "skin" that forms on top of the milk.
Today, tofu skin is commonly eaten in many Asian cuisines and has been gaining traction elsewhere. There are a plethora of different types of tofu skins to choose from.
Fresh tofu skin sheets are creamy and nutty, while fried tofu skin rolls are spongy, which makes them perfect for soups and broths.
Large sheets lend themselves well as wrappers, and kumiage yuba is a delicate, creamy tofu substance that has the texture of cheese.
Tofu skin has a fatty texture that makes it a great meat substitute. Tofu skins, especially tofu sheets, are a great way to add a crunch to soups, salads, hot pots, and stir-fry.