Tim Hortons in Toronto.
Tim Hortons Has A Dubious-Looking Secret Menu Pizza (But We Would
Still Eat It)
By Kelly Douglas
When you think of Tim Hortons, pizza might not be the first thing to cross your mind, but in a viral TikTok posted by the official Tim Hortons account, an employee shares how to make an unusual pizza. It has TikTok up in arms, but the process behind making this pizza is fascinating, because it looks nothing like what you would see in your local pizza parlor.
In the video that garnered over 3 million views, the employee washes and peels a tomato, chops it up into small pieces, and then microwaves it until it looks similar to a tomato paste, mashing the tomato after it has been microwaved. Then, they add in a ketchup packet, some chili and spicy buffalo sauces, and a bit of salt and pepper.
After the sauce is thoroughly mixed up, they spread it on a tortilla, add multiple kinds of cheese and some meat, and then microwave it for five minutes on the “bacon” setting. We're not sure if anyone actually orders this meal off of the secret menu, but if the TikTok is any indication, the employee's co-worker seemed willing to try a slice of the dubious spicy tortilla pizza.