A single scoop of vanilla ice cream just beginning to melt, on a cone,isolated on white background,clipping path included.
Tillamook Ice Cream's Secret For Creamy Goodness Is Really Simple
By Haldan Kirsch
While many aspects could make or break ice cream, nothing is more critical than the dessert’s creamy base, something that Tillamook ice cream seems to understand.
The secret to its signature flavor and texture comes from more butterfat and less overrun — the air that is whipped into the ice cream — which differentiates it from competitors.
Butterfat is the natural fat in milk that gives dairy products a rich flavor. Standard ice cream only needs 10% butterfat; however, Tillamook is said to use higher levels.
With its higher butterfat content and the use of a slow-churning method, Tillamook ice cream produces smaller air bubbles and creates a softer, denser, and creamier-tasting treat.