Chocolate chip cookies stacked against a white background
TikTok's Two-Minute Air-Fryer Cookie Hack Is Leaving People Upset
By Kelly Douglas
While cookie enthusiasts on TikTok loved learning to put their holiday sugar cookies in a waffle iron, they aren't huge fans of the latest cookie hack. A viral video on the platform showed cookies being made in two minutes in an air fryer, and TikTok users had overwhelmingly negative responses.
To many TikTok users, the cookies shown in @brazilianfoodie's video don't look appetizing or even thoroughly cooked. The video's overlay text, "When you learn to make cookies in the air fryer and it takes 2 [minutes] instead of 30," also doesn't make sense to avid bakers, who've pointed out that making cookies nearly always takes significantly less than 30 minutes.
While this particular cookie recipe might be a disappointment, bakers shouldn't count out the merits of air-fryer cookies. Air fryer cookie recipes abound, and while they may not take only two minutes like the viral TikTok suggests, they often take as few as five minutes and will probably be safer and tastier.