Sausage - marinated in sour sauce with vegetables in a closed glass. Drowned - Czech specialty.
TikTok's Spicy Pickled Sausage Trend, Explained
By Stacie Adams
TikTok's spicy pickled sausage trend has taken over the platform thanks to its tasty combination of flavors. A key aspect of the dish is spicy pickled sausages.
Spicy pickled sausages are particularly popular in the southern United States and can be found in supermarkets, gas stations, and convenience stores.
The smoked sausages are cooked before brining in a solution that typically consists of vinegar, garlic, herbs, red peppers, and seasonings. The result is a hot and tangy treat.
Rapper Cardi B shared her own special recipe for the bowl on TikTok. She chops up Big Mama pickled sausages into bite-sized pieces before placing them in a plastic container.
Cardi B adds pickles, pickled jalapenos, banana peppers, pepperoncini (and all their juices), hot sauce, and various seasonings. Then, she shakes the container to mix.
Some foodies have personalized the trend by using pickled sausage in seafood boils. One TikToker used Cardi B's recipe and added Ruffles potato chips to create a unique snack.