Indeterminate woman mixed batter with whisk in large metal bowl. Home baker whisking batter preparing delicious meal
TikTok's Pancake Spaghetti Is
Chef Approved
By David Tran
TikTok has introduced us to crafty recipes and clever hacks, and sometimes users share inventive recipes and fun food creations, which is how we found this spin on a classic. An unlikely fusion of a breakfast and dinner staple, Pancake Spaghetti has gotten 12 million views, 1.7 million likes, and the attention of chefs.
In a video by @brianaarchuleta, Briana Archuleta’s husband squeezed batter from a Ziplock bag into strings of pancakes in a skillet, transferred to a bowl, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and drizzled with syrup. Once the pancake strings were twirled with a fork, it became clear that they resembled spaghetti noodles.
The recipe took TikTok by storm — even IHOP said he had "bright ideas" — and user @chefreactions (Chef Reactions) said he was "not angry" and might make it himself. The well-known, anonymous, self-proclaimed "annoying, monotone" chef often gives blunt critiques, but surprisingly approved pancake spaghetti.