Hard boiled eggs with herbs and spices on white background
TikTok's Hard Boiled Egg Hack Will Save You Tons Of Time
By Arianna Endicott
When it comes to slicing hard-boiled eggs, it can be frustrating to mix the yolk and whites together, especially if you plan to serve them to a crowd and want a clean, put-together look. One TikTok user found an easy trick to avoid getting your knife messy while slicing the eggs, and viewers are amazed at how clean the cut is.
In a TikTok posted by user @andrealanev, Andrea VanDerwerker cleanly removes the yolk from a boiled egg by gently slicing into each one with a knife and rolling the egg along the cutting board with the knife still in it to slice around the edges. She is then able to separate both halves of the egg white and notes that there was "no yolk all over the knife, it's so clean."
Commenters were excited about the trick, with one person comparing the cutting technique to another common kitchen practice, writing, "Did you just avocado that egg?" Another wrote, "I am so glad I saw this before making deviled eggs next week!!" Even a chef chimed in, writing "$22,000 for culinary school and THEY [DIDN'T] TEACH ME [THAT]."