a vertical overhead view of sugar covered sour gummy treats in colorful bear shapes
TikTok's Frozen Sour Candy Trick Is Game-Changing
By Kelly Douglas
Sour candy is plenty good on its own, but TikTok is nothing if not innovative, so users have found a method to make your favorite sour candy even better: freezing it.
Freezing the candy completely changes its texture, and some users love how the "crunching" sensation of frozen sour candy makes them feel.
While some users are a little hesitant to try the frozen treat at first, they're discovering that the frozen texture plus the sour taste equals an unmatchable flavor sensation.
As fun as most TikTok hacks are, not all of them are safe, which begs the question of whether or not you should freeze sour candy in the first place.
There are some risks to freezing your sour candy, as biting into hard frozen candy can chip or break your teeth. However, freezing it now and then is likely fine.