Flying pieces of sushi  on blue background.  Vertical format.
TikTok Is Torn Over Costco's Sushi Offerings
By Chase Shustack
Costco offers a wide assortment of goods ranging from electronics and tools to groceries and home décor; however, the massive warehouse retailer can often stupefy even the most seasoned shopper with surprising products. One such unexpected item has some TikTok users divided: Costco’s sushi.
TikTok user @costcohotfinds uploaded a video on December 12 showing the three different kinds of frozen sushi sold at her local store, each priced at $10.49. Some expressed their surprise and curiosity over the Costco sushi, commenting, “If that sushi hits my Costco (Chicago) it’s over for me” and “Costco sushi will become my entire personality.”
However, others who have tried the retailer’s sushi had less than stellar reviews, with one user stating, “Rather eat frozen water.” Costco’s sushi may be dividing some TikTok users over its quality, but the company isn’t alone in selling the chilled Japanese dish, as grocery stores like Aldi and Walmart also carry their own frozen sushi.